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The Sartor Lab utilizes behavioral, pharmacological, epigenetic, and cell type-specific analyses to investigate the neurobiological mechanisms underlying substance use disorder.


May 30, 2024: Tyler Vaglivelo receives the AFPE Gateway Research Award! Congrats Tyler!

March 11, 2024: Mike Lehane and Afshin Seyednejad receive the IBACS Summer Fellowship! Congrats Mike and Afshin! 

March 8, 2024: Maria Cruceta receives the 2024 Summer Undergraduate Research Fund (SURF) Award! Congrats Maria!

February 21, 2024: Afshin Seyednejad receives the John B. Morris Fellowship Award! Congrats Afshin!

February 20, 2024: Dr. Sartor receives the 2024 ASPET Division for Neuropharmacology Early Career Award!

February 12, 2024: Congrats to Maria Cruceta for being selected to present her poster at the Big East Research  Symposium in March!

November 3, 2023: Haley Whelchel and Tyler Vaglivelo receive the PharmD Honors Program Research Scholarship! Congrats Haley and Tyler!

October 30, 2023: Afshin Seyednejad receives the IBACS Travel Award! Congrats Afshin!

October 10, 2023: Congrats Maria! "Maria Cruceta Ramirez, a first year Pharm.D. student, is the second School of Pharmacy student to be named a McNair Scholar since the program’s conception."

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